Ammagnostus beltensis

in association with 3 Cedaria Minor Proetid Trilobites

Ammagnostus beltensis

Trilobites Order Agnostida, Suborder Agnostina, Superfamily Agnostoidea, Family Agnostidae, Subfamily Ammagnostinae

Cedaria minor

Trilobite Order Ptychopariida, Suborder Ptychopariina, Superfamily Ptychparioidea, Family Cedariidae

Geologic Age: Middle Cambrian
Ammagnostus is 4 mm and Cedaria are 14 mm
House Range, Weeks Fornation, Millard County, Utah
Remarks: Ammagnostus beltensis is a rare agnostid trilobite, coupled with the fact that agnostids are uncommon in the Weeks formation (Adamek, 2014). The Ammagnostus just below the left genal of tone of the Cedaria.

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Rare Ammagnostus beltensis Agnostid Trilobite

Ammagnostus and Three Cedaria Trilobite Association

Cedaria Minor Trilobite


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