Declivolithus cf. alfredi

Trilobites Order Asaphida Suborder Asaphina, Superfamily Trinucleioidea, Family Trinucleidae
Geologic Age: Upper Ordovician
Trilobite is 44 mm long
Tinjdad, Morocco
Remarks: This Declivolithus trilobite fossil is gorgeously preserved in reddish-orange typical of Ordovician trilobites from Tinjdad locality. The name Declivolithus cf. alfredi denotes its description from the from the Czech Republic, while it is not yet described from Morocco. Note too the ornamentation on the cephalic rim that may have served a hydrodynamic function to help hold the trilobite on the seafloor in a current.

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Declivolithus Asaphid Trilobites

Declivolithus Morocco Trilobite

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