Illaenus tauricornis

Trilobites Order Corynexochida, Suborder Illaenina, Superfamily Illaenoidea, Family Illaenidae
Geologic Age: Middle Ordovician
Trilobite is 80 mm long
From: Wolchow River Region, Asery Horizon, St Petersburg, Russia
Remarks: A superb example of trilobite effacement of both cephalon and pygidium, an evolutionary adaptation though to have aided the trilobite in traveling through seafloor substrate in search of food. This species is celebrated high profile of the cephalon. Note the curved genal spines from which the species is named do to the bull horned shape. Typically, the large cephalon is pulled under likely a result of muscular contraction at death. This one, however, is quite prone. Making for a dramatic and uncommon presentation of this unusual taxon. The Illaenidae family has some 25 members, and the genera has some 50 species.

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Illaenus tauricornis Asaphid Trilobite from Middle Ordovician of Russia

The Cephalon and pygidium are highly effaced and smooth:

Illaenus Cephalon and pygidium are highly effaced

Illaenus tauricornis Russian Trilobite

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