Paralejurus hamlagdadicus

Trilobites Order Corynexochida Suborder Illaenina, Superfamily Illaenoidea, Family Styginidae
Geologic Age: Middle Devonian
Trilobites is 73 mm long
Laatchana, Alnif , Morocco
Comment: Paralejurus hamlagdadicus is differentated from the trilobite called Paralejurus Type B by its shorter genal spines and more rounded cephalon. The streamlined shape of this trilobite is conjectured to have been an adapted form enabling it to burrow along the seafloor in search of food. Note in second image that the hypostome anchor for the mouthparts is present, a rare occurence.

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Paralejurus hamlagdadicus Corynexochida Trilobite from Morocco

The hypostome anchor for mouth parts:

 Paralejurus Hypostome

 Paralejurus Trilobite

 Paralejurus Moroccan Trilobite


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