Selenopeltis cf macrophthalma

Trilobites Order Lichida Family Odontopleuridae
Geologic Age: Lower Ordovician
Trilobite is 30 mm long
Fezouata Formation, Zagora, Morocco
Comments: The preservation of the Fezouata Formation is often reddish color seen here as a result of oxidation of pyrite subsequent to deposition. This phenomena is also found in many Chengjiang fossils. This Selenopeltis is very different from others from Morocco. It is highly similar to Selenopeltis gallica, but differs in the fact that it lacks the small occipital spines of that trilobite. As a consequence it is most likely the rare Selenopeltis macrophthalma, which although known from Morocco has usually only been seen as fragments. The odontopleurid trilobite Selenopeltis is in association with an nautiloid and a brachiopod.

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Note the really long spines typical in Odontopleurids:

Selenopeltis macrophthalma Odontopleurida Ordovician Trilobite from Morocco

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