Calymene celebra Trilobite

Trilobites Order Phacopida Suborder Calymenina, Superfamily Calymenoidea, Family Calymenidae
Geologic Age: Middle Silurian
Trilobite is 40 mm long
Niagaran Limestone, Joliet Formation, Grafton, Illinois
Remarks: Coming from the Silurian dolomitic limestone of Grafton, Illinois, this fossil is an internal cast. Calymene celebra has been assigned to several different genera over the past century, includingCalymene, Flexicalymene, Gravicalymene, and Sthenocalymene. It is the Wisconsin state fossil. It occurs widely in the midwest of the U.S.

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Calymene celebra Phacopida Trilobite

Calymene celebra American Trilobite

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