Struveaspis Trilobite (new species)

Trilobites Order Phacopida Suborder Phacopina, Superfamily Phacopoidea, Family Phacopidae
Geologic Age: Middle Devonian
Trilobite is 58 mm long
Mharch, TaFrawte, Morocco
Remarks: This is a rare, new type of phacopid trilobite from genus Struveaspis. The taxon's most diagnostic characteristic are the typical Phacopina schizochroal eyes, but with far fewer facets than typical in phacopids. It also differs from other phacopids in having both a broader cephalon and a smoother exoskeleton.

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Rare Struveaspis Phacopid Trilobite

Struveaspis Morocco Trilobite

Struveaspis Phacopida

Struveaspis trilobite Schizochroal Eyes:

Struveaspis trilobite Schizochroal Eye

Struveaspis trilobite Schizochroal Eyes