Acadoaradoxides nobilis

Trilobites Order Redlichiida, Suborder Redlichiina, Superfamily Paradoxidoidea, Family Paradoxididae
Geologic Age: Early Cambrian
Trilobite is 240 mm long
Hamar Tassmamte, Zagora, Morocco
Remarks: The members of trilobites Suborder Redlichiina are among of the oldest trilobites in the fossil record, disappearing in the Middle Cambrian, and were the likely progenitors of the Order Ptychopariida Trilobites. Note the Crescent-Shaped Holochroal Eyes.

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Redlichiida Crescent Shaped Holochroal Eyes:

Redlichiida Crescent Shaped Holochroal Eyes

Acadoaradoxides nobilis Redlichiida Trilobite from Morocco

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