Bristolia insolens

Trilobites Order Redlichiida, Suborder Olenellina, Superfamily Olenelloidea, Family Olenellidae
Geologic Age: Lower Cambrian
Trilobite is 11 mm long
Latham Shale Formation, Marble Mountains, San Bernardino County, California
Remarks: Bristolia are limited to parts of the southwestern Unites States that during the early Cambrian were part of the former paleocontinent of Laurentia. The 1997 Treatise places Bristolia in Family Olenellidae, though Lieberman's 1999 Olenelloidea revision places Bristolia in Family, Olenellidae Subfamily

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Bristolia insolens Redlichiid Olenellid Trilobite from Latham Shale California US

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