Pagetia bootes

Trilobites Order Agnostida , Suborder Eodiscina, Superfamily Eodiscoidea, Family Eodiscidae
Geologic Age: Early Cambrian, (~520 million years ago)
Trilobites are 6 and 4.5 mm long
Stephen Formation, Burgess Shale, Burgess Pass, British Columbia, Canada
Remarks: The eodiscids, and particularly the pagetiids, as seen here, exhibit features that may link agnostids to more traditional trilobites, specifically, the articulation and dorsal facial sutures in some species. They also share isopygous agnostid cephalic and pygidial features (Fortey, 2001).

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Pagetia bootes Agnostid Trilobites from Burgess Shale of Canada

Pagetia bootes Canadian Trilobites

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