Cyphaspis carrolli

Trilobites Order Proetida, Suborder Proetina, Superfamily Aulacopleuroidea, Family Aulacopleuridae
Geologic Age: Lower Devonian
Trilobite is 12 mm long
Haragan Formation, Coal County, Clarita, Oklahoma
Remarks: The species is named after Bob carroll, who has worked the Oklahoma Haragan Formation for more than a quarter century - he is truly a master trilobite preparator. has worked on Oklahoma trilobites for some 25 years now (see photo of bottom of piece). If you think Cyphaspis carrolli looks like Cyphasis' from Morocco, you would be correct. The reason is a striking example of trilobite paleogeography.

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Cyphaspis carrolli Proetida Trilobite

Cyphaspis carrolli Oklahoma Trilobite United States of America

Cyphaspis carrolli is a striking example of trilobite paleogeography.