Mesonacis eagerensis

Trilobites Order Redlichiida, Suborder Olenellina, Superfamily Olenelloidea, Family Olenellidae, Subfamily Mesonacinae
Geologic Age: Lower Cambrian
Trilobite is 60 mm long
Eager Formation, Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Remarks: Synonym is Olenellus eagerensis per Lieberman (1999B). Like all trilobites from Suborder Olenellina the genus Mesonacis has no dorsal sutures. Also note the common trait of Superfamily Olenelloidea members, where the large crecent-shaped eye ridges seem to come directly from the back of the frontal lobe of the center area of the glabella.

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Mesonacis eagerensis Redlichiida Trilobite from Eager Formation British Columbia

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